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About Care Paradigm

At Care Paradigm, we work towards an inclusive community where differently abled persons will have control of their own life. We provide range of disability support services to the NDIS participants. We aim to create a holistic support plan that best suits you and will help you to achieve your goals and bring significant change in your life. Come with us on this journey and get a range of services to achieve your true potential.

Our Mission

Transforming the lives of disabled Australians and helping them live up to their aspirations.

Our Vision

Care Paradigm strives for an inclusive community where people with disability are treated with empathy and have access to equal opportunities to make their own decisions and live a better life. We focus on promoting diversity and empowering the disabled.

Our Goals

Direct engagement with the NDIS participants to make our quality resources accessible to them.
Providing holistic care plans that are centered around the needs of the individuals.
Commitment to transparency in our services with our trusted team.

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At Care Paradigm we care about you. Our team is always here to answer your queries and listen to your suggestions.


At Care Paradigm we are focused on reducing barriers for the differently abled. Our team provides a range of exceptional services that are centered around your personal needs.

Life Skills Development

We teach useful skills to improve various aspects of individual life. We help you with

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning
Task assistance

Tasks Assistance

Our team helps you do all the daily tasks which can be difficult with disability. With our support you can be a better version of yourself.

Group Activities

At Care Paradigm we make sure that everyone participates in activities with others to improve personal social activity and companionship and have a whole lot of enjoyment
Daily Tasks Icon

Daily Tasks

Our team will help you with everyday tasks, including household chores to ensure you have no difficulty doing tasks like

  • cooking
  • washing
  • cleaning

Community Participation

We assist you to go out there and make a difference. Our support will enable you to participate in community activities and not let your disability be a hurdle in your way.


We help you with your daily commutes for medical, social and community appointments and make travelling easier for you.
Personal Activities

Personal Activities

Your personal activities will Your personal activities will be easier with our support.

  • Personal hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Dressing

Shopping for Everyday Items

Your necessities will be easier to shop for with the support we provide. Going out and buying the stuff you need will not seem as hard.
House Hold Tasks

Household Tasks

Our support staff will provide assistance with the house hold tasks like meal planning and preparation, reminders for medication and others as per the requirement of the individual.

With us, you will be able to

Reach your goals

Live a fulfilling life with a sense of independence

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Socialize confidently
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Make a difference in the community with your own choices 

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